It’s all about the view!

Thank you to everyone who is showing an interest in our new resort. We are delighted with the progress, and hope that you will enjoy receiving these updates as we approach our opening this summer.

We’re taking shape.

The construction work is over 70% complete and we are on schedule for our July opening. Every building is now well on the way, with our panoramic restaurant commanding an incredible position. The cottages are beautiful, with every balcony giving our guests a sea view, and, being south west facing, the sunsets are breathtaking.

Is it wrong to love a wall?

We must acknowledge the skill levels of the craftsmen involved in the construction of Oasis. We are so used to mass production and mechanisation, that to see the level of skill and detail being produced by true artisans is awe inspiring.

From the wooden and stone carvings covering the pillars of our long house and adding style to the cottage interiors, to the wood finishing of the building facades, the quality shines through.

There is no better example than our perimeter wall at the top of Oasis. Even here, the importance of detail has not been overlooked.

In keeping with our policy of utilising local skills where possible, a team of carpenters from Bunaken have started the fairly mammoth task of creating all of the furniture for the cottages and restaurant.

The wood being used is a high grade Indonesian hardwood from regulated and managed sources.

Boat update

Our first catamaran is almost afloat.

In the next few weeks it will be brought from Bitung to Bunaken for the finishing touches to be applied.

Dry salon, fresh water, kitchen facilities, sunbathing deck, a huge dive deck, oh, and 2 inboard engines so we can explore all the fabulous dive sites within, and beyond, Bunaken National Marine Reserve.

Please excuse the scan of the original (creased) drawings, but we’ll post a photo when we can.

Please excuse the scan of the original (creased) drawings, but we’ll post a photo when we can.

December diving

All work and no play .... it may have been a working trip but during our pre-Christmas visit to Bunaken, we still managed some fabulous diving, exploring further afield in the marine park. The diversity of the diving available continues to impress.
The walls and reef tops were, as always, spectacular, the muck diving and critter life never disappointed, particularly the abundance of frogfish - warties, giant, painted and even a couple of hairies - and it was turtles, turtles, turtles everywhere.

Welcome ...

to our new General Manager Halrley Baldwin. Harley has a wealth of experience in the management of dive resorts around Asia.

Our commitment to the environment

Our sensitivity to Bunaken’s fragile natural environment is reflected in our empathetically designed infrastructure.

Oasis has been built with as little impact to the hill side as possible. All the buildings are “flying”, built above ground on pillars. The exception is our infinity swimming pool, where some terracing was required, but even here the main construction is built out from the hill.

Fresh water is a precious commodity on Bunaken, where too often people have to rely on single use plastic bottles for water. We are not doing this.

We have a plentiful water supply from our bore holes, that will be passed through water makers and filters and stored in a huge, ceramic lined tank. Every cottage will then have an ultraviolet purifier, ensuring that all the water throughout Oasis will be drinkable.

Water dispensers will be in every building and guests will be given reusable water bottles - no more little plastic bottles.